Burgess Pet Care

Burgess Excel is recommended by vets as the number one range of food for small animals. Burgess Petcare supply all the feed requirements for the small mammals at our Burford, Cambridge, Kimpton and Southampton rehoming centres.

Burgess also supply a small mammal rehoming pack to everyone who rehomes a Blue Cross pet, so that new owners can feed their new pet a healthy diet rich in fibre. This is much appreciated by our rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas that enjoy the meadow hay with herbs and Excel range of feed.

“Blue Cross is a perfect example of the gold standard of care and education that a rescue centre can provide, and so of course we wanted to help support them. In addition, they are not just about rescuing animals, but about doing a lot of educational work to prevent animals becoming unwanted in the first place. Blue Cross have four dedicated small animal rescues across the UK and it seemed a perfect opportunity for us to sponsor these rescues with food from The Excel Feeding Plan, to ensure the pets are fed correctly whilst in rescue, and then to provide food samples and lots of care and other support information to the new owners to ensure the pets continue to have long, happy and healthy lives in their new homes. We have also worked with Blue Cross on other education initiatives such as Rabbit Awareness Week, and we are always looking at other ways that we can help each other spread the word about responsible pet ownership, especially when it comes to the small furries!”

Naomi Chatterley, Marketing Manager, Burgess Pet Care

For more information visit the Burgess website.

To find out more about becoming a corporate sponsor of Blue Cross, please register your interest or contact our corporate fundraising team on 01993 825523.

— Page last updated 09/09/2020