Puppy Dylan snuggled up to brother Bowser

Miracle TV show puppy is unrecognisable now

When you saw Dylan on this week’s episode of Inside Animal A&E, he was just a helpless, pint-sized pup who relied on Blue Cross for his every need.

Now, he’s happy, healthy and living life to the full in his new home as a fully grown and much-loved pet. A fate he never would had known, had we not been there to step in before his birth.

His mother was admitted to our Grimsby animal hospital in Lincolnshire for an emergency caesarean after running into difficulties during labour, and the ordeal left her too poorly and weak to care for her litter of 10 who our vets and nurses delivered.

Tiny Dylan being fed by a member of the team
Dylan being hand-fed by a member of the team.

Hand-rearing puppies without their mother is a full-time, demanding job, but Blue Cross took in eight of the puppies and split them into pairs across four of our rehoming units and centres.

At first caring for them required two-hourly feeds all through the day and night, which were then upped to every five-hours when the puppies reached three weeks old.

Our teams of foster carers worked day and night – even over Christmas – to give these homeless little ones the very best start to life they could get.

Dylan being held by a member of the team aged around six weeks

Dylan – or Badger, as he was then known, grew into a confident and strong pup, just like his siblings Bowser, Stanley, Billy, Gus, Whittaker, Blaze and Winter.

Hannah Wiltshire, Centre Manager at our Burford site in Oxfordshire, who cared for Dylan and Bowser, said: “They came to us at four days old and we had to do a lot of feeding.?

“There was also lots of keeping them warm and toileting them in between. ?

Dylan playing outside at the Newport centre
Dylan playing outside at the Newport centre before being rehomed.

“Once they started to get bigger, they really kept us on our toes as we have to keep an eye on their exploring and play!

“We had a rota to spread out the fostering across the team, as it was a 24-hour commitment.”

Without a mum to guide them, our teams also made sure each of the puppies got the socialisation that is so vital to helping young dogs on their way to becoming happy, healthy and well behaved pets.

It was a commitment that paid off, and when the New Year was rung in, our teams got to work in finding the siblings the loving homes they deserved.

Badger grown up and happily lying on grass outside his home

Dylan found just that with Dominique Proctor, along with her other two dogs Darwin, a rottweiler, and Dixie, a?little shih tzu. He is now one years old and couldn’t be happier.

Dominique said: “Dylan is doing great. He is a big boy now and very playful. He’s a very happy boy and we love him so much.

“He is such a great addition to my family. I’d never had a staffie before and he is so loving and soppy. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to give him a home to call his own. He is such an amazing dog.

Dylan on the sofa with his new family including canine pals Darwin and Dixie
Dylan on the sofa with Dominique and canine pals Darwin and Dixie.

“I hope people see just how much we can change these dogs’ lives and how much they bring to ours.”

All of Dylan’s siblings also went onto find loving homes where they continue to thrive. We thank all their owners for giving them the future they deserved.

Without Blue Cross and the generous donations of food and bedding from kind supporters, the story for all of these pups and their mother could have sadly been very different.

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Dylan lying down in his home looking to camera
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